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My eldest son collects military medals and periodically hands me copies of medal auction lists. While glancing through one early in 2013, I can across the medals pictured above awarded to 48192 Sgt Ernest Sweeting M.M.. They aroused my interest for three reasons. Firstly, he was in the Royal Army Medical Corps as I had been, secondly, that his Unit, the 130th (St John) Field Ambulance was formed from men of the St John Ambulance Association and I had served in my younger days as a Surgeon in the St John Ambulance and finally, his medals include the French Croix de Guerre. The final unit I served in before retiring my commission from the Army was 243 Field Hospital which during the First World War was the 24th Field Ambulance, one of only nine British units to be awarded a unit Croix de Guerre. These three points of contact encouraged me to big for the medals and having successfully acquired them, I set out to research both Sgt Sweeting's history as well as that of his unit, the 130th (St John) Field Ambulance and their activities during the First World War.